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Student Security Guard

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Libraries

Student Security Guard Position Description
The UWM Libraries hire student security guards to keep watch and to help identify and prevent dangerous and risky situations before they become problematic. A security guard will help to decrease criminal activity, communicate, and assist the library users during emergency situations.
Under the supervision of the Facilities Manager, a student security guard performs a variety of duties including but not limited to the following:
Security Patrolling Opening and Closing Duties
• Inspect the interior and exterior of the library to identify and prevent theft, fire, vandalism, and other safety and security hazards, and to then report findings verbally and in writing;
• Help people search for books and materials and to assist with any questions regarding use of the library facilities such as directions to service desk and collections;
• Gather and return all library materials from tables, copy machines, etc. to proper sorting rooms;
• Push in chairs, pick up debris, and otherwise make the building look tidy;
• Secure doors, answer and silence alarms.
Security Welcome Desk Duties
• Maintain surveillance and remain observant as to who is entering and exiting the library;
• Pay attention at all times and know how to respond to a variety of situations;
• Handle the security sensors (3M gate alarm) professionally and respectfully regardless of the situation; but to also prevent theft and unauthorized removal of anything identified as library property;
• Respond to any security, panic, or fire alarms.

Other Duties
• Knowledge of and ability to enforce the Libraries Rules and Regulations. (See Library Users Rights & Responsibilities.)
• Attend to emergency or alarm situations through investigation, and to communicate findings to supervisor and campus police verbally and in writing;
• Ability to quickly respond yet remain calm while investigating and silencing alarms;
• Write neat and accurate incident reports summarizing occurrences with relevant details;
• Inspect faculty carrels at supervisor’s request;
• All other duties as assigned by the supervisor, and may include moving furniture, shelving, or other physically work such as setup and tear down of tables and chairs for events;
• Carry and respond with a two-way radio at all times when on duty.
• Sense of responsibility, dependable, must be a self-starter;
• Ability to multitask;
• Must pass background check free of criminal convictions and no history of violence;
• Excellent oral and written communication skills;
• Excellent customer service skills: service oriented, professional, friendly, helpful, cooperatively, and courteous;
• Neat, clean and non-threatening appearance;
• Ability to remember details for accurate and conscientious reporting of events;
• Ability to walk a patrol at least four hours per day;
• Ability to lift 25 to 50 pounds and to push a loaded book truck;
• Ability to bend, stoop or work with hands above shoulder level;
• Must have good vision and hearing capabilities;
• Emotionally stable.
For more information, please contact: Kim Silbersack at (414) 229-6206